Little MO Dolls

I created these patterns for my line of Little MO Dolls. Since all of my dolls are handmade one at a time, you might need to adjust the patterns slightly for different dolls. This is also true for various Hitty dolls. Customers have also told me the clothing will also fit some of their Hitty dolls, but not all of them. Each pattern will be emailed to you as a PDF. All the patterns are very basic, no complicated sewing or crocheting skills needed. Pattern pieces in sewing patterns are full size and ready to cut out and use. Step by step instructions are also included with each pattern. Make sure your printer is NOT set to print "Fit to page" or "Scale to fit".

dress Little MO Doll Coats & Hats Pattern

For all those cold days heading our way, your little girls will appreciate one or two of these pieces. Pattern includes a dress coat, pocketed jacket and short jacket, plus three hats; large brimmed bonnet, a beret and a versatile bucket hat. Mix and match the pieces for a variety of different outerwear sets.

Coats & Hats Pattern for Little MO Dolls - PDF .........$4.25

dress Little MO Doll Pants & Shirts Pattern

This is a very simple pattern for some wardrobe basics. You'll be able to whip up a whole pile of these little pieces in a few hours. Pattern includes straight leg pants (also capri length), shorts, and bell bottoms. All pants have elastic waists. Shirts included in pattern are a loose short sleeve t-shirt, a fitted t-shirt in short and long sleeves, and a turtleneck. All shirts have a snap closure in the back. Although the pattern was designed for the shirts to be made of a stretch t-shirt knit, they are small enough to also be made from cotton. The printed shirt in the photo at left is a cotton fabric.

Pants & Shirts Pattern for Little MO Dolls - PDF .........$4.25

dress Little MO Doll Jumper & Overalls Pattern

Some basic separates to add to your girl's wardrobes. This pattern includes an A-line style jumper with ribbon straps and back snap closure, bib overalls with front snaps and elastic waist in back, plus a blouse with gathered, cuffed, short sleeves. Blouse has snap closure in back. Also included are elastic waist little shorts (or bloomers?) to be worn under the jumper, or without it. This pattern and the Shirts & Pants pattern have a lot of pieces that can be mixed and matched. The overalls with a t-shirt would be especually cute on a little boy!

Jumper & Overalls Pattern for Little MO Dolls - PDF .........$4.25

dress Four Piece Hitty Outfit Pattern

This outfit is the same one I make for the Hitty dolls I sculpt. Outfit includes the dress with two sleeve styles (short cuffed, or long straight), the apron with two bib front styles, a bonnet and bloomers. These little outfits are fun to mkae - I enjoy seeing them finished in all different colors!

Four Piece Hitty Outfit Pattern for Little MO Dolls - PDF .........$4.25

dress Little MO Doll Multi Dress Pattern

This simple little pattern is what I use to make all the dresses on all of my girls I sell. The pattern includes three different sleeve styles and three different bodice fronts, so you can make quite an assortment of different dresses with just this one pattern. By varying the length or width of the skirt, and using different color combinations, the possibilities are endless! Your girls will love to see this pattern coming.

Multi Dress Pattern for Little MO Dolls - PDF .........$4.25

kimono Little MO Doll Kimono Pattern

This little kimono pattern was designed because a good customer of mine asked me to make little Japanese girl dolls, and I couldn't very well send them to their new home naked!!! The kimono is a simplified version of a real kimono pattern, but fewer pieces and shaping because of the small size. Your little girls don't have to be Japanese to want one of these little kimonos in a pretty floral print or something colorful.

Kimono Pattern for Little MO Dolls - PDF ..........$4.25

jackets Hooded Jackets & Capes

Here is a simple lined jacket in three lengths for you to make for your little dolls. Only two pieces to the pattern, so it's quick and easy to make. Looks extra cute with a colorful coordinated lining. Pattern also includes a hooded cape and a high collared cape for those times when a sleeved covering isn't practical. These work great over fancy gowns, and are also good for the guys.

#107 Jackets & Capes - PDF .........$4.25

jackets Easy Dresses

If you want to sew dresses for your girls but don't want to tackle set in sleeves or a lot of tiny pattern pieces, this is the pattern for you. It includes two different dresses, a simple A-line with only one pattern piece (also a short shirt version), and a tee style dress with a gathered skirt. Pattern also includes little bloomers or shorts.

#108 Easy Dresses - PDF .........$4.25

jackets Sailor Dress

Here is a traditional sailor dress, simplified a bit for these little dolls. It still has the attached collar and contrasting V trim, and traditional look. Pattern includes two sleeve styles, plus two bloomer styles. Also included is a summery, ruffle sleeved dress. These little dresses are addicting to make in all sorts of color combinations!

#109 Sailor Dress - PDF .........$4.25

jackets Wardrobe for Toddlers

This pattern was designed for the little toddlers I make, about 4 inches tall or a bit bigger. They enjoy new clothes as much as the big kids! I kept these tiny items simple so you don't go crazy trying to make them. Pattern includes two easy dresses, three shirts, four pants and the hooded jacket. Enough to keep all your little girls and boys happy!

#110 Wardrobe for Toddlers - PDF .........$4.25

ladies Ladies Casual Wear & Accessories

This pattern was originally items I used to dress the older ladies, but the younger ones seem to enjoy a lot of the pieces as well. Pattern includes the easy one piece A-line dress, a gathered skirt dress, A-line top, bloomers or capris and panties. Also included are a shawl, tote bag and oven mitts - stuff we all need!

#111 Ladies Casual Wear & Accessories - PDF .........$4.25

jackets Ladies Separates

This pattern includes several basic separate pieces all the ladies need to fill out their wardrobe. It makes a nice companion to the Ladies Casual Wear pattern. Pattern includes two skirts, two pants and two blouses. All pattern pieces are kept to a minimum.

#112 Ladies Separates - PDF .........$4.25

jackets Mens Wear

I didn't forget the guys! This pattern includes three styles of slacks for them, two different shirts and a spiffy vest. You will have some happy gents once they get a few new outfits to impress the ladies!

#113 Mens Wear - PDF .........$4.25

doll knit Raglan Sleeve Knits

This knit pattern includes both long and short sleeve raglan tops for your regular size Little MO Dolls. Also in the pattern is a slightly flared knit coat with bonnet. You'll need size two knitting needles and fine baby yarn. Some of the fine new lightweight sock yarns work well too. Patterns are designed to fit the regular size Little MO Dolls, and will also fit some Hitty dolls.

Choose PDF version which will be emailed to you right away, or paper version, which will be mailed to you (shipping is included in price).

#206 Knit Raglan Sweaters & Coat - PDF .........$4.25

doll knit Knit Tees & Sweaters

This knit pattern features all easy to make, one piece tee style tops. Pattern includes long and short sleeve Tee top as well as a long sleeve cardigan. These tops all work up quickly, so you'll be able to make lots of them! You'll need size two knitting needles and fine baby yarn. Some of the fine new lightweight sock yarns work well too. Patterns are designed to fit the regular size Little MO Dolls, and will also fit some Hitty dolls.

#207 Knit Tee Style Tops - PDF .........$4.25

crochet Crochet Livingroom Seating Set

If your kids are tired of sitting on (and sliding off!) hard plastic furniture, they'll be awfully happy to see you ordering this pattern! It includes easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for a three cushion sofa, a two cushion loveseat and roomy easy chair, plus accent pillows and an area rug or afghan (I can't decide which way I prefer to use it). All are easy pieces to make, with no complicated shaping. Make one set, or make several sets for different houses or even different seasons.

#203 Crochet - 7 pc Seating Set - PDF .........$4.25

crochet Crochet Circular Seating Set

This seating set will please just about any of your girls (or boys). Easy and fast to make, and so comfy! Pattern includes a roomy oval sofa, a high back round chair, round ottoman, plus three different accent pillows and an area rug or afghan with woven detail. Only basic crochet stitches are used. Pieces can also be mixed and matched with my other crochet furniture set, so none of your dolls need to have the same sets. Make a whole roomful (or two), or make different colored pieces for different seasons. Your dolls will thank you!

#204 Crochet Circular Seating Set - PDF .........$4.25

sweaters Sweaters and Caps to Crochet

Here is an assortment of toasty warm sweaters and jackets for your Little MO girls. All are easy to make, using only basic stitches and minimal shaping. I also tried to keep seams to a minimum, so assembly is fast too. Sock weight yarn is used to make these pieces, or a thin size 3 crochet cotton yarn. Pattern includes a hooded jacket, two little cardigans, a poncho and three hats. Be sure to make enough pieces for all your girls so there's no fighting!

#202 Crochet Sweaters and Caps - PDF .........$4.25

crochet Crochet Coats and Hats for Little MO Dolls

This pattern includes a full dress coat, roomy enough for most any dress underneath, plus a shorter, A-Line coat, and three different hats. You choose which hat to make with which coat you want, then add optional pockets (or not). Pattern uses sock weight yarn, or size 3 crochet cotton. No complicated shaping, all pieces are easy to make using only basic stitches. Easy enough to make several in a day!

#201 Crochet Coats and Hats - PDF .........$4.25

crochet Crochet Sweaters for the Toddlers

I didn't want to leave the toddlers out, so here is a pattern just for them. It includes a hooded sweater, cardigan, poncho, and two caps. Like the bigger size, these are easy to make, using only basic stitches. Sock weight yarn or size 3 crochet cotton is used for these pieces. Easy enough to whip up a whole batch of sweaters for all your toddlers, in practically no time!

#205 Crochet Toddler's Sweaters - PDF .........$4.25

make a mo book Try your hand at making your own little dolls!

Now you can try making your very own little dolls, like my Little MO Dolls. I've made over 1500 of these endearing little dolls, and thought it would be great fun to see what others come up with. This book is 48 pages long, in PDF format. It's loaded with hundreds of color photos with step-by-step instructions to show you exactly how I make my Little MO Dolls, from what supplies I use, all the way to stringing the dolls. There's also full size templates you can print out to use when rolling and cutting your clay.

I took the photos in this book while I was making a large batch of dolls, in June 2013 (what would be my last batch for over 5 years!). This book explains how I make one of my regular size girls. It certainly isn't the only way to make a polymer doll, but it is the way I made mine. So for less than one third the price of one of my original dolls, you can learn how to make as many of them as you want! Be sure to give them your own personal touch and personalities, this book is just a starting point, so don't be afraid to change things and improvise as you go.

#100 - Make a Little MO Doll - PDF Book .........$29.95

foamcore house Little MO House

This is a pattern to make a simple three story house out of foamcore (in the style of all the buildings in my Fern Lake Township). House takes just four sheets of foamcore and a few hours of time. When it's finished, it will be 30 inches tall x 20 inches wide and 10 inches deep, and ready to decorate. Once you see how easy it is to make a little house like this, you'll want to make several. So don't blame me if your houses and up taking over half a room or more - Fern Lake has taken an entire bedroom in my house. Also available are three furniture patterns for furnishings all made of foamcore - kitchen, living room and bedroom. See below for these.

#706 Little Mo Doll House - PDF .........$7.95

foamcore furniture Little MO Furniture for the Livingroom

This is a pattern to make the furnishings for the livingroom - all from foamcore. Once they are finished, you can decorate and trim them as you like - that's the fun part! Pattern includes sofa, armchair, end table, tv, tv stand and fireplace. If you have leftover foamcore from other projects (like the house), this is a great way to use them up.

#707 Little Mo Doll Livingroom Furniture - PDF .........$7.95

foamcore house Little MO Furniture for the Kitchen

You'll furnish your Little MO kitchen with this pattern. All pieces are made of foamcore, and ready to be decorated as you like. Pattern includes kitchen table and chair, sink/counter, hutch, stove with oven door that opens and refrigerator with opening doors. Pattern also includes a page of items you'll need to complete the kitchen pieces, such as stove top burners, stove dials, etc.

#708 Little Mo Doll Kitchen Furniture - PDF .........$7.95

foamcore house Little MO Bedroom Furniture

Furnish the bedroom in your Little MO (or similar sized home) bedroom with this pattern. All pieces are made of foamcore and can be decorated as you like. Pattern includes the bed, nightstand, dresser, wardrobe (that opens and has a rod for hanging clothes), and a hope chest that opens. You'll need to make your own bedding but you won't need foamcore for that.

#709 Little Mo Doll Bedroom Furniture - PDF .........$7.95

foamcore house Little MO House and Furnishings Pattern Set

If you're serious about making a new home and furnishing it for your Little MO sized dolls, you'll like this deal. Buy the patterns for the house and all three rooms of furnishings at the same time, and you'll practically save the cost of one whole pattern! Same patterns as shown above.

#710 House and Furnishings Pattern Set - PDF .........$25.00

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